Automation Control Systems Department

T he Automation Control Engineering department of Pardo Consultants, Inc. provides innovative solutions to achieve the business goals of our customers.

•  System Specification

We do a study of your current processes and methodologies being utilized in your plant and derive a requirement list. We work closely with the customer to create functionality, operator interface specification and design documentation.

•  Simulation

We build the entire automation system at a smaller scale in a development lab. We test every part of the Human Machine Interface ( HMI ) and do a Factory Acceptance Test ( FAT ) before we deploy the system to the plant floor.

•  System Design – Hardware, Networking and Software.

We design hardware, control panels and power distribution to equipment involved in control systems. We supply drawing and parts list, and build materials for Control Cabinets. Build architecture for Control network to cabinets and devices using standard business transport protocols and cables. Hardware and interfaces design. Design redundant networks ensuring network stability and correct installment. Design of software used to run control system in pc or programmable logic controller (PLC) . Spec Software based on hardware. Software design work in conjunction of requirements of customer i.e. wants documentation or comments.

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•  Consulting

Review and implementation of above mentioned design network, software, and electrical systems. From initial development of spec to until final commissioning to system support. Small add-ons to existing system i.e. alarm additions adding operator screens. We also can make adjustments to applications throughout installation. Serve as an Acting project manager between Business and the Installers. We provide Quality Control and System Auditing.

•  I/O Checkout and Start-up

We provide review of electrical design, and hardware. We do Input Output checkout, point to point checkout from hardware to physical equipment, and check between Programmable Logic Controller and sensors (electrical, temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, etc…), motors, switches, and links to other Application Systems. We also do commissioning check out of devices, start system for first time ( Start Ups ). Also we provide final adjustment, system ramp-up, and final testing.

•  Real Time and Historical data logging

Pardo Consultants Offer a variety of services that provide real time logging and Historical statistical data.

•  Data Trending

We offer systems that will collect data from multiple control systems over many different types of networks to create a trend data graphs.

•  Operator Training Pre and Post System Training

Train operators in simulation mode before system commissioning or after. Hands-on training with individual systems. Training materials would include course presentation and system documentation. System Operation Training will be provided to operators, supervisors and, engineering departments.

•  Maintenance Training Classes

Includes system operation training classes plus detailed troubleshooting information, troubleshooting examples, hands-on simulated troubleshooting scenarios. This training focus on the maintenance of the system.

•  Control Hardware upgrades

Migration to new or upgraded platforms based on assessment of current systems or if platform is no longer supported.

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